Queen Charlotte on Netflix: Here’s what to look out for

The docuseries which depicts the life of young queen Charlotte to King George of England is finally on Netflix.

The epic love story depicts a young queen as she faces challenges into her new found role as queen.

The limited series created by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix is a prequel spin-off to popular Netflix series Bridgerton.

Viewers can look forward to on screen chemistry, artistry and a love story on how Golda Rosheuvel depicts a feisty Queen Charlotte, while India Amarteifio plays the role of the young Queen Charlotte.

Adjoa Andho also returns as Lady Danburry with Ruth Gemmel as Violet Bridgerton.

The six part series dates back 50 years into the monarchs early marriage and how Queen Charlotte came to be the Queen seen in Bridgerton.

Think corsets, straightened hair, beautiful garments and a league of dashing gentlemen as the six part series delivers regency romance in two timelines.

The queen is trying to discipline her children so that there can be a viable air.

A younger Queen Charlotte is around 17 years old, promised to wed King George III by her brother Adlophus (Tunji Kasim).

The inclusive series depicts a multi cultural fleet of upper class families to filter out the casting call for more black actors.

This was an issue to some fans three years ago when Bridgerton graced our screens on one Christmas.

The story takes place in the past and present to focus on the young Queen Charlotte and her arranged marriage to King George (Corey Mylchreest).

Seasoned with a few of the Bridgerton storyline, Queen Charlotte shows a queens attempt to pair her children with reputable matches.

The series airs on May 4 on Netflix.

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