Incoming from Logitech this year, think smarter workspace solutions

Here’s what is coming from Logitech this year, a company that pledges its commitment to delivering growth across Africa.

What you need to know.

So Logitech participated in the first edition of Gitex Africa 2023, hosted in Morocco’s beautiful city of Marrakech from May 31st to June 2nd.

The event brought forward some compelling insights into what South Africa can expect from Logitech.

In a new concept that Logitech calls The New Logic of Work, the firm showcased an interesting ecosystem of products, purpose-built to enable better employee experience.

Think interesting video conferencing tools, keyboards, mouse, and anything related to educational.

Logitech has fast become the one-stop solution for clients in many segments, with products that customers find notable.

This year’s motive was to understand innovative ways that aligned with hybrid work, which seemed here to stay.

To provide and develop the current generation and how they want to work is exactly what the firm has in mind in their set objectives, and its’ beginning to show in its product linup.

Education and healthcare are a big part of this year’s strategy according to Charis Nicholas, Head of High-End User at Logitech.

Taking us through a sequence of incoming products she said education and healthcare were key factors in the myriad of incoming products for SA.

Rally Bar Huddle

Incoming from Logitech is the innovative Rally Bar Huddle, a premium all-in-one appliance-based video bar for use in small rooms with up to six people.

The Rally Bar Huddle is designed to deliver video conferencing with ease.

A quick and easy product to set up and simple to manage the Rally Bar Huddle is built-in with AI video intelligence and 4K image quality. The redesigned ported audio system makes the Rally Bar Huddle twice as loud as Logitech’s MeetUp, with advanced sound pickup via six microphones and AI-based noise suppression creating a natural meeting experience for remote employees.

According to Logitech, 75% of white-collar workers polled in the UAE and 72% of those in Saudi Arabia highlighted that hybrid meetings would be more productive if all participants had an equal opportunity to contribute and speak.

Poor audio including video quality were ranked as the two common problems the workforce often encountered.

In expanding possibilities regarding hybrid work, Logitech aims to help people create, collaborate and work from anywhere, a crucial concept that plays a crucial part in developing team workplace solutions that are simple to set up and facilitate effortless intuitive, hybrid experiences.

Incoming from Logitech

Logitech Scribe whiteboard camera for video conferencing

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