Midjourney model version 5.2 out, more precision, breathtaking images

Image: Midjourney

AI creation space Midjourney has rolled out another update version 5.2 which most likely improves not only neural architectures and aesthetic techniques but other unimagined possibilities.

The latest version of Midjourney has been released with a new model version to improve efficiency, coherency, and quality.

The latest model can be used by selecting a model version in settings, and adding the version –v5.2 parameter to the end of a prompt.

The model produces more detailed, sharper results with better colors and compositions with more functioning prompts.

Model version 5.1

The previous version was released on May 4th, 2023, with a stronger aesthetic than previous versions.

With the version 5.1 model, it was easier to use simple text prompts while also executing fewer unwanted artifacts and borders with better sharpness in images.

Some of the changes in Midjourney have been a much wider array of stylistic options and more responsive prompting.

  • Improvements in image quality with improved resolution.
  • Better moderation tooling
  • Improved coherency without unwanted text
  • More precision
  • Wider and greater canvas sizes with more aspect ratio options.

The online service allows users to create images using generative artificial intelligence.

Users type in text prompts and the AI will produce images that match their descriptions.

The service is undergoing constant updates and improvements since 2020.

Midjourney CEO David Holz, has said version 5 and higher would be more opinionated than previous versions meaning that newer versions would feature more artistic touches with a flair of the dramatic.

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