Has Checkers sent you WhatsApp messages yet? Checkers WhatsApp Channel

Checkers WhatsApp messages

Checkers, an FMCG retailer owned by Shoprite has landed in your WhatsApp chats like those traders in one of Dubai’s markets that really refuse to let you go past without trying or even buying something.

The retail giant with over 37 Checkers hypers, 202 Checkers supermarkets across Botswana, South Africa and Namibia has introduced a new way of business using WhatsApp.

As of Wednesday, my WhatsApp received a WhatsApp message from a Checkers chatbot introducing a leaflet with Checkers deals exclusive to Gauteng.

At first, I thought I was being scammed.  Providing an option to opt-out, I thought to look around to authenticate.

Chatting back to me the chatbot proceeded to ask for a location.  It’s a no from us, on that question. The idea of a store knowing where we live doesn’t sit well with us.  Alas we probed.

We replied for the main menu and noticed a reply with options on what to receive from Checkers, through the platform.


From deals and leaflets, My Xtra savings card, to viewing your money account it seems Checkers has found a way to use AI including WhatsApp to reach shoppers even before they get out of bed.

Checkers WhatsApp Channel

The Checkers WhatsApp Channel is an innovative new form of marketing that will possibly catapult the brand to even greater consumer reach considering the boom of the Checker60seconds service during the Covid-19 pandemic which shifted the way consumers shopped.

Today consumers have the option of having their groceries delivered straight to their door using the Checkers60seconds deliver service.

WhatsApp and AI

With the introduction of the WhatsApp Channel, Checkers may just retain a lot more consumers considering the massive reach social media platform WhatsApp has.

Finding innovative new ways to do business remains a secret to success for any brand.

Relevance and reach are somewhere in the distant list when formulating a requirement for any business to survive, especially during a time when AI is fast on track to replace many industries.

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