Incoming on X, voice and video calls, but can everyone call you?

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk has confirmed that X, formerly known as Twitter could soon allow users to make and receive voice as well as video calls.

The announcement was made by Musk this week, alongside an X policy update which meant biometric data would now be captured by X.

The ability to capture biometric data would mean Musk is staying in line with what the vision for X could be which is a one-stop shop of town square where users can connect.

The collection of biometric data could mean X could soon ask you to log in using fingerprint verification or facial authentication.

This spells some interesting changes for the platform which has crossed paths with Mark Zuckerbergs’ Threads App for launching an almost similar app as the competition.

While Threads may be relatively new on the social scene, Facebook including Meta-owned WhatsApp does allow both voice and video calls.

Could this mean Musk has factored in possible competition, alongside a strategy to create what he invasions as an online town square where users can engage and exchange ideas from all over the world?

The good news is that the incoming options for both voice and video calls will not need any cellular numbers to function.  The other great news is that the application will be available on both iOS and Android.

The function of calls on Musk’s X social media platform will initially not be encrypted.

Unlike social messaging app WhatsApp, Musk confirmed X would initially come without encryption for calls with changes made after quality testing on calls have been made.

Block callers

It would be interesting to see how followers using the social platform respond to gaining access to a direct call with their celebrity.

No information is available on how the said system is expected to operate but we do expect feedback on how to prevent unwanted calls from followers.

Could you block followers from calling you, on both video and voice calls but still have them follow you?

The answer is in the incoming options which Musk plans to shift into action as X evolves to possibly garner more subscribers while also shedding off unwanted bots.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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