Steps towards innovative value with UP’s IP commercialization showcase

Step into the needed future was the underlying message shared at the University of Pretoria’s (UP) InnoValue showcase at the UP Javett Art Centre in Pretoria.

The showcase in celebrating UP’s IP impact in the technology sphere celebrated some of the university’s alumni who had carved commendable pathways in creating a more technologically advanced landscape for all.

From TB diagnostics technology, asthma innovative devices necessary for the leap forward, to the next generation in ear technology for the impaired, the Universitys’ interim Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Themba Mosia welcomed esteemed guests by noting the overall interactive excellence that the university had modeled for its learners while showcasing its commercial success.

“This institution prides itself on being an institution that has an impact on people’s lives,” said Mosia.

“InnoValue is a symbol of collaboration and transformation,” he added, “which sets the university apart.”

The goal was to continue to be forward looking the Vice-Chancello and Principal added before a host of guests reiterated their versions of the impact the institution had seeded into their own spaces.

Mr Gerrie Mostert: CEO of Marti TB Diagnostics elaboration on how possible it was in 2023 to beat TB.

“No one has to die from TB,” he said, ” the challenge is we have to diagnose TB early, as TB was one of the leading causes of death in the country. He elaborated on innovative ways in which TB can be curbed through a practical approach.

Dr M Mthokozisi Sibanda CEO of African Applied Chemical mentioned how important it was to share stories from start to finish.

He lauded the institution for its forward step in helping startups and allocating mentors and workshops from the incubators.

Dr Mthokozisi Sibanda, the Director of the UP spin-out company African Applied Chemical.

Sibanda has been featured in UP’s Technology Transfer Office publication.

He invented the Bi-Ko in the Univesity of Pretoria’s Institute of Applied Materials which enables insect repellents to last longer by reducing their evaporation.

This has been applied to mosquito nets and hiking socks and plays a significant role in the fight against malaria.

Dr Moses Kebalepile told the story of how his son with asthma was hospitalized and how that initiated an unwavering desire to find innovative solutions for people with asthma.

General manager at Hear X: Anton Richter shared insight into how their organization was passionate about affordable access to healthy hearing for everyone.  Their devices provided clinical, solutions for easier and more efficient, cost-effective hearing care.

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