WATCH: They cannot screenshot it, send view once photos and videos

There was a time when sending an image and video came with the anxiety of not wanting that image or video to land in the wrong hands.

Now you can send images and videos for the eyes of the recipient only, as WhatsApp confirms its latest update, the WhatsApp View Once feature.

How it works

It’s pretty simple, by updating WhatsApp users will have access to more security over what happens to their content once sent to recipients.

What do you get?

All media will not be saved to the recipient’s photos or gallery and the plus is that once the recipient views the contents, they will not be able to view it again unless they ask the sender to send the message again.

Once you send a view once photo or video, you won’t be able to view it again. You can’t forward, save, star, or share photos or videos that were sent or received with the view once media is enabled, according to WhatsApp.

The bonus is that there will be receipts that the recipient has viewed the image, should their read receipts be turned on.

Images and videos expire

The latest update from WhatsApp also comes with a countdown to delete all sent information should the recipient not view it within 14 days.

The sender must however select the view once tab to reap benefits.

The catch

You must select the View Once media tab each time you want to send a View Once photo or video.

View once media can be restored from backup if the message is unopened at the time of backup. If the photo or video has already been opened, the media will not be included in the backup and can’t be restored.

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