WhatsApp introduces Secret Code, more security, hard to find chats

WhatsApp secret Code

Global messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced more security for the habitual WhatsApp user, with additional ways to protect chats, while making them harder to find.

If someone has access to your phone, WhatsApp says some chats will be protected from prying eyes.

Meta rolled out Chat Lock mid-year to assist users in protecting their sensitive conversations.

Chat Lock allowed: users to gain access to a feature on both Android and iOS that allowed them to turn on a password to protect personal chats including group chats.

WhatsApp has now introduced a secret code feature for Chat Lock enhancing user privacy.  This unique password adds an extra layer of protection to locked chats, separate from the phone unlock password.

With the feature expected to roll out in the next few months, WhatsApp says users get to choose to hide their Locked Chats folder and access it by typing the secret code in the search bar.

  • With a secret code users will be able to set a unique password different from what you use to unlock your phone to give your locked chats an extra layer of privacy.
  • You’ll have the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from your Chatlist so that they can only be discovered by typing your secret code in the search bar.

WhatsApp says the feature should be accessible globally in the upcoming months.

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