WATCH: Samsung and the new sell, it’s what the device can DO, #GalaxyAI

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South Korean electronics giant Samsung released their compelling Galaxy S24 series last week, and their delivery on selling the series, is still the talk of the town, which in today’s tech language means, the brand is still on a consistent trend list.


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There may be a solid reason for this and looking closely we spotted the marketing shift, which apparently has landed tastefully on tech streets and the consumer.

The brand moved from the traditional spec-heavy, this is how big the battery is to telling the consumer what the device will do. They literally led with just that.

A presentation that was otherwise too long for some of us whose lives are fast-paced, but an impactful presentation it was, nonetheles.

What the device will do for you.

Samsung shifted from the traditional strategy and we’re here for it. We’re not saying it’s perfect but leading with what the device will do for you is any consumer’s dream.

Samsung said we introduce the Galaxy S24 Plus, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and the Galaxy 24; these are some of the features that will make your life a little easier.

Yes, Samsung hasn’t tweaked their overall design for a while now, and yes the S24 series has a few refined edges but a similar traditional frame, but Samsung did what they have been doing for the past couple of years, which is to focus on what’s under the hood, as opposed to aesthetics.

This year’s secret weapon


Samsung said Galaxi AI would be unpacked and unpacked a witty series of devices in a campaign that focused on the transformative power of AI, and delivered a clear message, “this is what the phone can do in your life, using AI.”

The message was that simple and clear on how consumers could integrate device functionalities into their daily lives.

The Galaxy S24 series powered by Goolge’s AI is designed to transform education in Africa, among other things which includes setting a really fast pace into a world of AI usage – as a norm.

The S24 series of smartphones is the first to partner with Google Cloud to integrate Gemini Pro and Imagin 2 on Vertex AI 3, with Galaxy AI built off the back of Samsung’s heritage and clear understanding of how people use their phones. That was what showed. That had our attention.


The devices focus more on benefits, as opposed to features, and amplify nearly every experience of the Galaxy S24 series.

From Circle to Search an AI tool Samsung led with which allows users to circle an image – while scrolling on their phone – to search for details such as the price and location of where to find it, to voice translate, and photo assist, all coupled with Samsungs neat camera muscle.

When you factor AI tech on top of a pretty above-board camera, you get a device that will not only be spoken about but a brand that will have to work really hard not to drop the ball going forward.

Samsung landed the first decent punch of the year. It will be interesting to see what other manufacturers, come up with when we look past CES2024 and its sparkling array of innovative tech.

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