Why Apple ditched EV’s

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Apple made news after sources said there was a shift from the plan for electric cars this month.

Executives confirmed hundreds would be cut from the EV project and it would be stopped. The shift for some employees to Apple’s generative AI projects receives some attention signalling Apple’s apparent shift to AI.

About 90 staffers face the axe if they’re not reassigned to other roles in the firm, as many electric companies face scrutiny.

We’ve seen many pivots from the project since 2014, which may mean the project may be resurrected in the future.

Investment in AI 

Any investment into generative AI in 2024, makes sense as it signals a noble and deliberate attempt to boost efficiency and productivity across various sectors.

Any investment be in physical or financial means there’s a deliberate intent to free up human resources, for more strategic endeavors. This will ultimately translate to faster turnaround time, and the potential to scale operations more effectively.

While challenges and ethical considerations remain regarding potential bias and misuse, the potential benefits of generative AI are undeniable. As the technology matures and responsible practices are implemented, it’s expected to become an increasingly crucial tool driving innovation, improving efficiency, and shaping the future across various industries.

It’s important to note that investing in any technology involves inherent risks, and conducting thorough due diligence is essential before making any investment decisions.

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