Generative AI on the scene, will it reshape how business delivers value?

How business delivers value is fundamentally crucial in any business. Is that value in jeopardy when looking at generative AI’s growth in the last year?

Generative AI is here on the proverbial scene and is fast evolving to impact value chains while transforming the nature of work and how businesses will deliver value for employees and customers.

Today, AI is influencing more than productivity and is set to change and uplift work since the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

This age of AI will be defined not only by productivity gains but also by enhanced human creativity and the potential to shape more innovative employees alongside customer’ experience.

Generative AI’s effectiveness depends on human input in order to drive quality outputs.

Understanding that, we understand that there will be a shift in the reinvention of work with more human-centric processes across entire value chains.

By synthesizing data, comprehending natural language, and converting unstructured data into actionable insights, Gen AI is democratizing business process redesign, empowering everyone – from frontline workers to lab scientists to design professionals – to reshape their own workflows, according to Hina Patel, Managing Director for Data and AI at Accenture, Africa.

“Gen AI can also bring workers closer to their customers. Imagine a banking scenario where Gen AI transforms the customer experience: from using AI-powered analytics to gain a comprehensive view of customer needs, to customising financial products and services based on those needs.

“This end-to-end change not only streamlines operations; it also helps bankers know their customers better, identify new products and improve experiences for both customers and employees. All these outcomes positively impact the bottom line.”

She adds how research indicates how AI has proven to accelerate economic value while increasing productivity which aids business growth.

The continued success of AI relies heavily on leaders who are willing to learn continuously and deeply while leading with compassion and humility.  Leaders who create the conditions that will benefit their employees.

The point is simple, there needs to be a deliberate step toward AI, and a need to prioritize human-centered change efforts alongside new ways to scale AI in order for the tech to create more value.

This does mean AI is likely going to reshape the workforce but it’s imperative to adapt with AI in order to continue to gain the best value out of this latest and evolving new intelligence on the scene.

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