UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy takes the game to a whole new level

A merciless edition of the local game Uno has arrived promising a ruthless showdown between friends and family.

Uno has introduced a new level of intensity to family game nights, parties and travels with 56 additional cards riddled with ruthless penalties.

The game promises more excitement according to Mattel South Africa Marketing Manager Terusha Naidoo as the game provides an experience where players truly show no mercy.

“This edition takes the classic game to a whole new level with tougher penalties, new rules, and the thrilling possibility of knocking out all other players.”

What makes UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy stand out from its predecessors? Here’s a glimpse:

· More Cards, More Chaos: With 56 extra cards, including super-tough action cards like Wild Draw 6 and Wild Draw 10, the stakes are higher than ever before.

· Stacking Rule: Pass the penalty to the next player with the Stacking Rule until someone can’t handle it anymore – then they take all the combined cards!

· Hand Swapping Madness: Watch out for ‘7’ and ‘0’ cards – they force players to swap hands with each other, turning the game on its head!

· Mercy Rule: If any player accumulates 25 or more cards, they’re out of the game – no exceptions!

“With UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy, there’s no room for sympathy. It’s all about strategy, quick thinking, and, most importantly, showing no mercy to your opponents,” adds Terusha Naidoo.

In launching the game locally Uno has partnered with Uber Eats and KFC.

Offering R50 off KFC orders on the Uber Eats App for the week, you can get ready to unleash your competitive spirit and enjoy the taste of victory.

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