How AI can help students land their first job

Image created using AI. Created by Marcus Moloko

The fast-paced AI sector continues to evolve to open new pathways including a new norm for young learners looking to polish their cv’s while on the hunt for their very first internship opportunity.

The use of AI as a tool now allows young minds to gain access to the opportunity of streamlined information while navigating the job search market.

In simple terms, it’s cutting through the noise to showcase unique strengths to ultimately bag that dream role.

Google’s AI model Germini emerges as one solution to guide graduates with a career coach research assistant, right at learners’ fingertips.

A generative AI tool like Gemini can help you showcase your CV by re-wording it to focus on your problem-solving abilities.

This means the tool can highlight leadership qualities, and suggest action verbs that positively portray talents all while ensuring an error-free CV.

Immersive AI tools can help you feel prepared and confident as learners can use prompts that can guide them with the company’s overall mission, and prepare tricky behavioral interview questions all while also generating insightful ways to leave an impression.

The same AI tools are a confidence reinforcer as they can assist in summarizing a company’s latest projects, and identify the latest skills necessary to learn in any industry including the right resources to learn from.

If you’re a visual learner, Gemini simplifies the process by providing an array of YouTube changes that could help learners get started.

Gemini optimizes any learners’ online presence and targets relevant events.

Budding learners can create an impactful LinkedIn bio to attract recruiters or provide tips on how to connect with like-minded professionals.

AI-powered technology is set to streamline the initial step of any learner’s job search. It makes starting a lot less stagnant.

Prompts such as “Show me reputable websites specializing in remote job listings for African candidates,” on Gemini can lead to results that make life a little easier.

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