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All posts by Steven Slotow

Steven Slotow
Steven cut his teeth as the Tech & Motoring Editor for FHM magazine for 14 years before starting SEO Resellers South Africa and offering a white label, wholesale digital marketing solution to local digital marketers. Now Steven spends his time helping small, medium and large digital agencies to run better, more profitable businesses.
  • How your competitors can help you improve your digital marketing

    Death and taxes are two big guarantees in life, and if you're running a business, then sturdy competition is another one of these certainties. Managing your brand is a constant balance between being the best possible version of yourself (or your business) while also ensuring you keep up to date on what the businesses around you are getting up to. The last thing you want is to fall behind on how they're promoting their products and services and appealing to customers. After all, competition is the fourth biggest cause of business failure for businesses. Beating out the competition these days is about...

  • SEO’s working, but what’s next? Site speed optimisation and conversion rate

    You’ve just sat down to scrawl through your latest SEO report and your website’s rankings are finally blowing you away. After months of on- and off-page SEO efforts, you’re ranking well for the right search terms in your industry, your organic search traffic is something to boast about, your bounce rate is on a definite downturn and visitors are spending a respectable amount of time on whatever page they land on. It’s obvious that whatever you’re offering up to the search engine Gods is hitting the sweet spot. Not one to be complacent however, a new question pops into your head: I’m...

  • A brief guide to creating powerful hashtags

    If you’ve ever wondered what fuels social media these days, the answer is the hashtag. No longer the currency of gum-chewing, pre-teen girls, a powerful hashtag can circle the world faster than Superman can change into tights. And as it flies, a hashtag has the power to influence, convert, motivate and engage. It’s a tiny nugget of super-charged marketing kryptonite that will get people talking about your brand for the right reason, encourage engagement and conversion. Or not. Some -- actually most -- hashtags never leave the ground, falling flat for any number of reasons. Why? Because the majority of great...