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All posts by Wynand Smit

Wynand Smit
Wynand Smit is CEO at INOVO, a company that specialises in contact centre optimisation
  • Rethinking the relevance of Big Data in the age of social media

    In the customer service environment, businesses have access to a wealth of operational and systems data in the contact centre. With the correct measurement and optimisation (dashboards and reporting; staff scheduling; training; processes; workflows; systems etc.) all this data can be used to improve efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and enhanced CX. However, while it takes skill and knowledge to identify and remedy some of the day-to-day challenges in this environment, the quantitative nature of most of this data means that outcomes are easy to measure and the results can be clearly shown as objective. When it comes to analysing and understanding...

  • The ‘end’ of the shopkeeper (and other retail trends coming soon)

    Self-service retail is swooping across the globe; from online shopping to self-checkout, there’s a growing trend in retail environments that focuses on driving efficient and seamless processes to enhance service and CX. It’s a fascinating period of transformation that encourages brands to experiment. However, companies must, as always, bear in mind that customer responses and preferences are the dominant focus, even in times of change. 'Smart' vs 'simple' assistants The past few years have seen many international brands improving the way they approach customer interactions, but this hasn’t always translated to brand success. For instance, smart, AI-powered and natural language processing (NLP) reliant...

  • Embracing video in sales and marketing

    As sales specialist Chris Murray puts it: "The salesperson you’d ideally like to be and the salesperson you’d like to encounter as a customer should roughly be the same, shouldn’t they?". That’s a true, transparent statement that showcases the value of empathy and authenticity in sales and marketing. One means of making this a reality for customers is by introducing video as a channel. Video goes beyond what’s possible when you’re only using voice calls, emails or online chat as sales and marketing mechanisms (or a combination), it presents an intimate, face-to-face experience that provides many opportunities for enhanced sales and...

  • Those ‘fickle, unreliable, killer’ millennials are actually your customers

    As businesses struggle with a number of challenges from a faltering economy to rising costs, analysts scan what’s happening in the market for reasons behind these challenges. Too often, millennials are labelled the number one suspects behind market shifts, shifts that can cause companies to lose ground or go under altogether. They’re called “fickle” or “unreliable”; in actual fact, though, despite their spending patterns shifting, they remain your customers. It’s what, and more importantly how, you’re presenting what you have to them that’s important to consider. Walkman, iPod and streaming Sony created the Walkman with an ingenious combination of technology and marketing...

  • The future of security is tech but companies, consumers should remain cautious

    International financial consortium SWIFT (the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) warned its customers this week that "malicious insiders or external attackers" had exploited vulnerabilities in software and made off with millions of dollars. The announcement was particularly disturbing since it was the second such incident this year within one of the world’s most used and respected institutions. Customers at financial institutions, as well as those who conduct business in the ecommerce environment want to ensure that their transactions and investments are secure. It’s imperative that software be impenetrable. A similar incident this week resulted in the announcement by professional networking...

  • Engaging with the quitting generation — retaining Millennials in the workplace

    Twenty-somethings are notoriously hard to retain as employees. They can become disengaged and disaffected, waiting for their next performance bonus so that they can quit and do something – anything – else. The workplace challenge is for managers to retain skilled teams and provide the opportunity for professional development. One effective way to do this is to speak to them in their own language. The message they carry with them is one that can sabotage their own success story. They’ve been told “you can be anything you want to”, and while a few make it through the minefield of business...

  • Could your voice be key to the future of security tech?

    “I’ve finally learned to love my voice for its uniqueness.” – Juliana Hatfield, US musician. Musicians and actors will often talk about the great lengths to which they go to discover their unique voice. This is essential in entertainment. What is not commonly spoken about is that each of us has their own “voiceprint”. Each person’s voice is as distinct from another person’s as their fingerprints are. Technology has harnessed voiceprints as a means of combating fraud, and this is increasingly becoming the authentication method of choice. Online security has been making the news in recent days with the shocking news...