Russia’s Caviar redesigns the iPhone 11 Pro and makes it deliciously expensive

caviar iphone 11 pro box

People give Russia a lot of crap in 2019, but give them this one: they’ve managed to design a more beautiful version of the iPhone 11 Pro than Cupertino itself.

Caviar, the company in question, has “fixed” the iPhone 11 series’ square camera and renamed it to “Victory”.

All the specs are the same, but the company ensures that the aesthetics is the cornerstone.

Speaking of which, that square camera array is now dead. The cameras are now part of the bodywork, which itself is all shiny and bumpy. There’s also a subtle V shape, with shades of another luxury brand Vertu, is the brand’s trademark along with that indented crown.

“The placer of shining diamonds adorns the brand V-shaped Caviar ‘tick’ — the main decorative element of the Victory collection,” the company explains.

“The body is made of pure 750-content gold: the upper part is a smooth plate with a satined ornament and volumetric Caviar crown; the lower part is a relief panel with a rhythmic geometry pattern.”

A Caviar logo emblazoned at the bottom of the phone completes the look.

While it looks good, it’s also built like a brick. The phone has a shock-resistant shell and more screen protection for wealthy buyers with butterfingers.

iphone 11 pro caviar gold edition

Buttons are also anodised while you can have a phone number engraved on the phone itself.

And yes, you’re going to need that wealth when buying this thing.

The phone will retail for $4290 for the 64GB model, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also a black alligator leather version and an all-gold version with diamonds or if you really love your self and hate your wallet. That’ll be $30 910, please.

But hey, at least there’s free shipping.

Images: Caviar

Andy Walker, former editor


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