This is the Vivo APEX 2020: a concept with no ports and big claims

vivo apex 2020

Vivo on Friday announced the Vivo APEX 2020, a new concept phone that once again pushes the boundaries of smartphone design.

The companies well known for experimenting with design, from the downright ludicrous to the surprisingly plausible.

The Vivo APEX 2020 doesn’t fold, or bend, but it does sport an under-display 16MP selfie camera.

Said snapper is actually located under the display, allowing Vivo to go with a near bezel-less and notch-less screen.

That display measures in at 6.45-inches with a 2330×1080 resolution. Other design aspects include 120-degree curved edges.

At the rear, the phone sports a 48MP primary camera with an improved gimbal-stabilsation system, and a 16MP periscope camera with variable physical zoom.

This phone also has no ports whatsoever. Like, none. It’s not the first phone to attempt this, though.

Wireless charging is available though, and Vivo’s claiming it has developed a 60W Super FlashCharge system — easily the highest wireless charging input we’ve seen thus far.

But like the company says, the Vivo APEX 2020 is just a concept.

“We are very excited about the new generation APEX. Vivo is very focused on iconic innovation and the APEX launch sets the benchmark for what is possible with device innovation and how this is translated into everyday handsets with headturning aesthetics.” said Hawa Hyath, the marketing manager of Vivo South Africa.

It’s not even clear if this phone exists in the physical world, but it does shed light into Vivo’s future design possibilities.

Feature image: Vivo

Andy Walker, former editor


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