Leaked Amazon listing suggests the PlayStation 5 will be anything but cheap

playstation 5 dualsense controller drift

A listing on Amazon just revealed the possible price for the PlayStation 5, ruining Sony’s big reveal scheduled tonight.

The console, which is set to compete against the likes of the Xbox Series X and launch later this year, was spotted on the retailer’s UK mobile site on Wednesday.

The price, although a placeholder, indicated the console will retail at £599, a fair bit more than the PlayStation 4’s £350 launch price tag.

In South Africa, the PlayStation made its debut in 2013 at R6299. The listing suggests that the PlayStation 5 could enter the country with a price tag larger than R12 000.

To be fair, the PlayStation 5 will sport a new controller, beefier hardware, and an SSD-based storage drive that should slash load times if Sony is to be believed. The advances in technology over the PS4 would support a price increase, but a gulf this large may dissuade some gamers to upgrade immediately.

More details will likely be announced at Sony’s rescheduled reveal event tonight kicking off at 10pm SAST.

Feature image: Sony

Andy Walker, former editor


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