Free-to-play, free-to-create Core platform coming to Epic Games in April

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Manticore Games’ Core platform, which allows developers to create and share games for free using Unreal Engine, will launch on the Epic Games Store in April.

The announcement was made during Epic Games’ Spring Showcase on 11 February.

The platform is currently in alpha, but will officially enter Early Access when it becomes available on the Epic Games Store.

There, it will provide an “endless arcade of games” for players to enjoy for free. These games will number in the thousands, according to Manticore.

Games will cover genres such as shooters, survival, MMORPGS, platforms, and more. Players will also be able to join with friends.

Meanwhile, developers of differing skill levels will be able to easily publish games on the platform. According to Manticore, devs receive access to free music, sound, art, and 3D modelling assets.

The platform also offers developers a way to earn money from their creations.

“Early Access marks a new era for Core with new players, new features, and a new way to travel between worlds,” Manticore said in its announcement.

“As we prepare the platform for this milestone, we invite all developers and creators to join now to stake their claim in our emerging multiverse!”

Feature image: Epic Games

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