ID.7 comes to CES with 700km of range

ID.7 is the problem Tesla really didn’t need in early 2023.

The year has started under strain for Tesla. Elon Musk’s iconic car company has seen its share price erode in value during the last few weeks. And there is pressure on its production capacity.

Some of the lessons legacy car companies have learned regarding the industrial scaling and drag of increased production are now being experienced by Tesla. And to add to Tesla’s spectrum of pressure, one of the most influential legacy car companies has revealed a very compelling new electric vehicle.

CES debut for ID.7

Car shows have waned in popularity and importance. But tech shows haven’t. And for many leading car companies, the consumer electronics and technology show is their new car show.

Volkswagen’s star attraction for the 2023 CES event is ID.7. A new electric vehicle sedan which competes directly with Tesla’s Model 3.

The ID.7 is an evolution of Volkswagen’s ID Aero concept. Unlike most new cars, it is not a crossover or SUV. The lines and proportions shape a classic sedan silhouette. Not only does it look good, but it has great aerodynamic properties. And that enhances its driving range.

ID.7 goes far before needing a recharge

Volkswagen has not revealed the exact battery specification or electric motor potency for ID.7. But it has tabled a range figure. And it is very impressive.

During ideal driving conditions, Volkswagen’s engineers recorded a driving range of 700km on a single charge of the ID.7’s battery pack. That’s more than any current production Tesla Model 3.

For many industry analysts, the 500km threshold is predicted as a tipping point for electric vehicle range. Volkswagen has bested that by 200km, with ID.7. Range anxiety is simply not an issue with this luxury sedan.

Big screen and clever UX inside

Beyond the impressive range number, there’s a huge 15-inch centre-mounted touchscreen infotainment system in the cabin. Volkswagen promises great UX and interfacing with this new infotainment screen in ID.7.

Some physical buttons have been retained as satellite controls on the steering wheel. But, the air-conditioning functions are digital and operate within the first-level menu of ID.7’s infotainment system

When will the ID.7 come to market? The first customer car deliveries are scheduled for late 2023. South African market availability? Uncertain and unlikely, for now.

Lance Branquinho


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