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All posts tagged "Deloitte"

  • Deloitte hit by cyber attack, emails possibly compromised

    According to a report by The Guardian, accounting and consulting giant Deloitte is today the latest global firm to succumb to a cyber attack. The firm had reportedly known about the breach since March 2017, but hackers may have been able to access data on Deloitte's systems since October 2016. By compromising an administrator account that lacked a two-factor authentication system, the attackers theoretically had "access to all areas", The Guardian notes. Along with emails from the company employees, the attackers may have been able to access usernames, passwords, IP addresses and other sensitive information stored as attachments. An administrator account lacking two-factor...

  • Deloitte outlines its 7 big tech trends for 2017 and beyond

    What does 2017 and beyond hold for the technology sector? Well, according to Deloitte, you can expect "dark analytics" and "everything-as-a-service" to join the likes of Blockchain. The multinational firm listed the aforementioned trends as part of its Tech Trends 2017 report. So what should you know, then? Dark Analytics Starting with this term, Deloitte expects previously unstructured and unanalysed archives of data to be a hefty resource in the next 12 to 24 months. The company cites examples such as image, audio and video files, machine and sensor information from the Internet of Things and data from the deep web as some...

  • 5 tech trends that will disrupt your business this year (or next)

    In case you haven't realised it (um, hello?), the days of 'business as usual' are over. In addition to having to deal with shifting from the physical world to the digital one, companies are having to cope with an onslaught of acronyms and buzz words from BYOD to Big Data and ORM. And it's not over yet. In the latest edition of its annual Tech Trends report, Deloitte has rounded up five emerging trends it says will begin to impact businesses over the next 12 to 24 months. The report highlights the technology enabled practices it has seen successfully...

  • Think the digital agency model is dead? Think again

    A recent article by web law specialist Paul Jacobson, which argues that companies that are more equipped to deal with risk will disrupt the digital agency model, has opened up a very important debate about the space the industry currently finds itself in. While risk can be a factor when choosing a digital agency, choosing an agency on their risk management ability is a bit like choosing a girlfriend based on how organised she is. I must state that I am not an agency person myself but am a consultant to clients and agencies in the digital realm. With...

  • Gamification: just another step towards the post-digital business world

    Gamification. Stop thinking twelve year olds with an Xbox and start thinking about how you can incorporate leaderboards and reward systems into your business strategies. According to the annual Tech Trends report from Deloitte, gamification is one of the key disruptors that will have a major effect on companies in the not-so-distant future. Along with social media, enterprise mobility, user empowerment and cloud technology, it is one of the five main forces...

  • Why the medical industry could do with a healthy dose of social media

    One area that we spend a lot of time talking and often complaining about is our health. So it’s surprising that the healthcare industry is lagging behind when it comes to social media as this is where the conversation today is happening. It’s believed that the healthcare industry is almost 10 years behind other industries that are actively engaging with consumers and taking part in conversations in the social media playground. It seems prevalent to say that “Apple each day keeps doctors away” as many doctor offices and hospitals have been overly cautious when approaching social media, where the...

  • Cracking the crowded telecoms market: SME clients ‘key to success’ claims ARC

    Telecommunication in emerging markets is massive and remains a key growth area the in light of recent shrinking values in other industries. Matthew Guest of accounting firm Deloitte says there is "plenty of opportunity," while warning that are "too many competitors" in some African markets. So how does one stand out in such an environment? Startup ARC Telecoms is an IP telecommunications service provider company specifically dedicated to the small and medium sized business sector in South Africa. The company reckons its focus on small business puts it in the best position to differentiate from the competition and take...