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All posts tagged "Salesforce"

  • Is Disney about to buy Twitter for $16bn?

    Family-first media giant Disney is no longer just about anthropomorphic mice and creepy clubhouses. The company is reportedly preparing a bid to buy social network Twitter. In a deal that could inject Twitter with some much needed cash, and give Disney a foothold in the fervent social networking advertising space, the company is currently "working with a financial advisor" to assess the validity of the deal. This according to a Bloomberg report. If Disney does purchase Twitter, the deal is expected to be worth around US$16bn According to the publication, bidding Twitter's market worth of around US$16-billion will be Disney's biggest cash...

  • Microsoft still king of enterprise software, go figure

    When it comes to the software business Microsoft is pretty much untouchable, this according to the latest Gartner report on worldwide software revenue in 2013 According to the tech research and advisory company, the worldwide software revenue totaled just over US$407-billion in 2013, a 4.8 per cent increase from 2012 revenue of US$388.5 billion. Developed markets saw significant growth in the past year offsetting the relative sluggishness in emerging markets. According to the report, the software industry is in the middle of a "multiyear cyclical transition" as organisations are focusing investment on technologies to support existing system structure. The...

  • Microsoft’s still top dog in the software game, but the cloud’s giving Salesforce a massive boost

    Microsoft's failings in the hardware space might've lost it a lot of cool, but it's still seriously dominant in the software space. In fact, the Redmond-based giant's software revenue grew six percent over the past year to US$65.7-billion cementing its place at the top of the US$407.3-billion global software market. According to technology research company Gartner, the market is primarily being driven by developed economies with emerging markets relatively sluggish. Most of the top 10 are established players, with Salesforce being the only entrant into the group that wasn't there last year. It also achieved the highest growth (33.3%)...

  • Marissa Mayer: Yahoo! is riding the mobile wave to reinvention [DF13]

    When Marissa Mayer first walked into Yahoo!, she sat in the cafeteria, meeting the employees and trying to source out the company. According to the CEO, her "aha!" moment came when a mobile engineer came to chat to her. Since taking up the troubled mantle of Yahoo!'s head honcho, Mayer has made it clear that mobile is the way to go. Taking the stage at Dreamforce, Saleforce.com's mega conference, Mayer said that at Yahoo!'s core it is a company that builds for the mobile users. Yahoo! is a mobile first company She thinks of the company as mobile first and reckons...

  • Salesforce goes social with Buddy Media buy

    Business software company Salesforce has confirmed that it will buy Buddy Media for nearly US$700-million in cash and shares. According to The Next Web, that means it'll be forking as much as it generated in sales in the first quarter of this year for the social media campaign specialist. It's also a little lower than the US$800-million AllThingsD predicted Salesforce would pay towards the end of May. Founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Michael Lazerow, Buddy Media helps 1 000 plus companies -- including big names like HP, Mattel and Ford -- maintain their social presences. Salesforce reckons that...

  • A ‘business superhero’: Tech leaders praise Jobs following resignation

    Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO heralds the end of a more than 30 year association with the tech giant. No more polo necks, no more "one more thing" at the end of his now famous keynote speeches. Reactions from the tech world have ranged from shock to heartfelt tributes. Memeburn takes a look at how some of the industry's leading voices have responded to the announcement through social tools like Twitter...

  • 6 services for taking your data to the cloud

    Saving your data to the cloud is crucial. The cloud provides what is probably the most reliable way of ensuring that, if your house burns down or your laptop gets stolen, your data won't be lost too. Even more enticing is the ability to access your data from any location with an internet connection. Such features alleviate the need to carry flash sticks and portable hard drives when attempting to get your data for A to B. A disadvantage does, however, arise in the case of slow or capped internet services. Many users will feel faint and frustrated when...