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All posts by Gil Sperling

Co Founder of Popimedia Innovations, Gil Sperling is a qualified Electrical Engineer. After two years of working for an Industrial Engineering consulting firm, Gil's passion for Innovation and technology, and his enterpreneurial spirit, contributed to the evolution of Popimedia Innovations and the sprectrum of products and technologies that drive the company's expertise in Social Media.
  • Examining Facebook’s 10 year roadmap in an industry that changes daily

    F8 is Facebook’s annual developer conference, which was held last week in San Francisco. Mark Zuckerberg gave developers insight into the focus points for the social giant, and revealed a 10 year road map – something perhaps at odds within an industry that shifts and grows and changes direction on an almost daily basis. By his own admission, it’s a lofty plan: “I think we can all underestimate just how much the world can change in 10 years.” To think that 10 years ago, Facebook was still in its infancy, to predict the future a decade down the line...

  • What F8 2015 taught us about the future of Facebook and technology

    This year, F8 revealed a vision for the future of Facebook, as well as its family of platforms. Following some high-profile acquisitions over the last few years, Facebook has repositioned itself as a collection of applications and platforms to best serve an ever growing audience of users. Growing from a single blue app on your mobile, the ‘family’ now spans the Facebook app, with 1.4-billion active users; 600-million people using Messenger; 700-million WhatsApp users; an additional 700-million Facebook Groups users; and 300-million on Instagram. Facebook has diversified for a number of reasons. First among these, is the company’s recognition...

  • Facebook Deals and Places could help your brand

    Facebook is constantly innovating and introducing new services that have an impact on the social media environment at large. Most notably marketers and brand managers can look forward to Facebook Places and Facebook Deals – innovations that make an even stronger case for social media in the mobile arena. Already launched in the UK and US, local companies can look forward to having access to these services in the next couple of months. Used independently or together these services are powerful tools. Facebook Places, a location based service, gives brands the capability to set-up their "place" on Facebook....