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All posts tagged "engagement"

  • Call to action 101: here’s how to use them on your blog

    Using optimised calls to action in your digital marketing campaign can be a game changer. It can also be used in every blog post that you publish so that your readers can take an action if they find your content interesting. In a perfect campaign, a call to action should be included in everything that you publish and write online, but it's not always possible to get your readers and audience to act on what you write. Most online writers and publishers use calls to action on a regular basis. They add them to their emails, website content, and sales letters, but for some...

  • 3 simple ways to drive engagement on social media

    We live in a blessed time. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have finally allowed for the scaling of one-to-one relationships online. The problem is that few are taking the amazing opportunity to create long-term quality relations with their followers and fans. Things are improving but most are still committing "crimes" when it comes to online engagement with their followers. This post will cover three easy to understand guidelines which everyone can adapt to improve overall engagement with their followers, which will in turn bring more traffic, strengthen the brand and drive higher profits. 1. Leave no engagement left...