Why social media is the leading influencer for authentic audience reach

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Social media has become an influential community channel and the current apparent bridge for authentic connections with audiences.

Today it’s pretty clear that users of social media learn and connect with other social media users who appear authentic and credible at a much faster rate.

Skincare influencers appear to have gained traction on social media and brands have spotted this, leveraged it, in an effort to make more authentic connections with the end consumer.

This provides ample evidence of how messaging and storytelling have evolved for both brand and consumer.

The reason for the shift

Accessibility and reach.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook come with billions of active users worldwide, making them an easily accessible channel for brands to reach large audiences. These social media platforms have created a sense of belonging and community around shared interests.

Shared interests and experience-oriented content

Social media has allowed users to share experiences, ideas, and information through different formats. This means users get to exchange information at a much quicker rate, ergo creating a more authentic message for the information seeker. The two-way communication fosters a sense of community.  Think likes, shares, and direct messages, these contribute to overall engagement of products and services messaging and indicate more direct feedback to the brand.

Influencer marketing and brand advocacy. 

Social media now empowers users to not only become creatives, but brand advocates. Platforms like Instagram have given rise to influencers who share their experiences and recommendations with large followings. This translates to a powerful form of community-driven marketing when used effectively.

An influencer has become the preferred brand advocate do to the perceived ability to sway consumer opinions while driving purchase decisions. Collaborating with influencers may amplify a brand’s reach and brands now leverage the tool.

Real-time updates

Brands gain real-time updates and this allows brands to stay current with trends and online conversations. Real-time updates allow brands to adapt their strategies quickly and remain relevant to the end consumer.

It’s become clear that social media’s influence continues to shape how brands connect with consumers, in order to:

  • Gain valuable customer feedback
  • Build brand awareness and promote products more organically.
  • Engage directly with customers
  • Partner with influencers to reach targetted audiences more authentically.

The power of online communities and the fostered genuine connections allows social media platforms to become a usable marketing tool due to the active participants in conversations that carry the ability to humanize a message from any brand.

The humanized approach to marketing remains crucial for success and appears to be the latest trend for brands that effectively utilize social media for strong community engagement, brand loyalty all the while increasing their bottom line.

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