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Official: Cape Town iceberg a Liqui-Fruit campaign

Days of speculation are at an end after Liqui-Fruit and its advertising agency, Liquorice stood up and claimed responsibility for the Cape Town iceberg spotted off Clifton Beach on Monday morning. Earlier today, the South African fruit juice company released an adaptation of the original video with digitally added pieces of fruit on the iceberg, and copy which read “The end of global cooling….the start of the Liqui-Fruit summer meltdown.”, and ending with a link promoting the Summer Meltdown on its Facebook page.

The campaign is the brainchild of Brian Carter, Creative Director at Liquorice, and sources reveal that the agency had been working on the campaign for months. Once it had launched, they were expecting to keep it quiet for a bit longer, but after the hijacking by cider brand, Hunter’s, the brand took a decision to go public.

Check out Liqui-Fruit’s ad full ad right here:

This is the hijacking that caused Liqui-Fruit to go public.

The viral nature of the campaign was helped considerably by the NSRI’s Craig Lambinson who told reporters that “there is an alcohol advert being shot in the bay at Clifton,” which gave the impression that there was an actual iceberg off the coast, when it fact there was no such iceberg. Liquorice insiders couldn’t believe their luck that a statement like this could come through official channels and reinforce their guerilla marketing initiatives.

In fact, it was all CGI-footage and there never was any real iceberg off Clifton.

The campaign was launched by Liqui-Fruit as part of their “Summer Meltdown” which will see 100 activation points all over the country, in the form of icebergs, where people can gather, take pictures of themselves, win prizes and generally be part of the Liqui-Fruit lifestyle.

Details of the full marketing campaign remain vague at this point, which is probably due to the fact that the brand was hoping to keep it mysterious for a little while longer, while they worked on the plan.

Well done, Liqui-Fruit, you grabbed our attention. Now what are you going to do with it?

Author | Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy Daniel
Jeremy Daniel is an online media specialist, as well as an author and musician. He runs Bassline Media & Content Marketing, writes songs as part of The Touch and is the author of My Forever Friend, published by Tafelberg NB. Jeremy was also an early editor of Memeburn.com. More


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  2. Mekyla Wilsnauch

    April 12, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    hahahahaha! i love it :)

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