Royal Wedding: The digital dream wedding [Infographic]

Whether you are a fan or not, after months of media coverage ranging from the derisive to the slavishly complimentary, you cannot have missed what April 29th means. It is finally here, the big day has dawned, it’s Royal Wedding day. The nuptials of course will be most celebrated in the United Kingdom and her colonies.

However, in the months leading up to the day, from running a more than commendable social media campaign, to viral videos, one would have been forgiven in thinking the internet in its entirety had become a realm of the Empire.

Anyone who has spent even the slightest bit of time online since the 16th of November last year, will not have been able to escape the Royal Wedding. Be it on news or social networking sites it’s been everywhere and search engine marketing agency, Greenlight, shows us just how this online British Invasion has taken place with a fascinating infographic (below).

Though quite often the loudest voices when it comes to the wedding have been the naysayers, as Greenlight’s research show, six to one, sentiment over the Royal Wedding has been positive. And when it comes to how much the Royal Wedding is mentioned online, it’s at a staggering rate of once every 10 seconds. As for what it is that is being discussed, well of course, the dress seems to dominate conversation.

The stats were compiled between March 1 and April 18, during which discussion on the nuptials increased by 700%, if then the online noise over the Royal Wedding was loud, it will most certainly be deafening now.

With Twitter famous for it’s server overloads – known as ‘fail-whales’ – during big events having dedicated an entire server just to “Wills and Kate” as this picture of Twitter co-founder shows. If you’re that one voice against the six, I can only say: go offline, turn off the television, mute the radio, in fact, just go back to sleep, for perhaps it’s only in your dreams you’ll skip this digital dream wedding.

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