iBorg: three new ways Apple will eat you

Apple has done it again – it has an amazing knack of taking technology that’s been on the market for years, packaging it, integrating it, and presenting it to the world as a revolution.

While Jobs-haters have a point that Apple has done very little in the way of actual innovation (name almost any Apple technology and you’ll find a non-Apple variant that predates it significantly), the company has the magical ability to make it work. Seamlessly, easily, intuitively – and cleverly integrated so that it’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

There are a host of new features and options in the various Apple technologies. iOS 5 has some brilliant new innovations. The new version of OS X, Lion, looks particularly hot. A good short roundup of major features is posted at TechCrunch, although although you can safely ignore the foolish opinion that iMessages is a BBM-killer that ‘sticks a dagger in SMS’. In fact, Lion makes Windows 7 just look silly – bloated, slow and laggy, and with a terrible user interface that hinders where it means to help, and hinders where it’s meant to just getting the basic right. And has almost no cool features.



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