‘One more thing’: A look at Jobs’ time at Apple [Videos]

Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple’s CEO has set the tech world ablaze. Consumers have already begun speculating about Apple’s future without its fearless leader. Even if you don’t use a Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you have in some way been influenced by the products developed under Jobs’ prolific reign as chief executive of Apple.

Memeburn decided to take a look back at some of his iconic moments as lord and master at Apple’s helm. Sporting his famous black polo neck and blue jeans, Jobs stepped forward time after time to announce the future to audiences:

Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984
Macintosh is introduced to the world and slowly the face of computing changes.

Macworld Boston 1997-The Microsoft Deal
A merging of giants. Microsoft partners with Apple to build software for Macintosh computers. A partnership that was considered one of Jobs’ most shrewd business decisions.

The First iMac
The age of cool. The introduction of the first iMac showed the world that Apple was not only serious about computing but design too. The iMac came to us, in Jobs’ own words, “From the marriage of the excitement of the internet with the simplicity of the Macintosh.”

Macworld NY 1999-The First iBook
Jobs gives the consumer “what they want” with the introduction of the iBook — an iMac on the go. At the time he called it a “rocket ship and the second fastest portable in the world”. This product ushered in the age of the MacBook.

The First iPod Keynote (2001)
Ten years ago Apple set out to change the way we listen to music and was famously ridiculed by Slashdot. Now the iPod is one Apple’s most successful products and has achieved what it set out to. Innovations such as the iTunes Music Store followed, paving the way for paid music content in the digital age.

Apple WWDC 2002-The Death Of Mac OS 9
Ever the showman, Jobs announces the death of Mac OS 9 in dramatic fashion to a captivated audience.

Steve Jobs presents the iTunes Phone
After the launch of the iPod, many speculated about the possibility of an iPod phone. The first attempt came in the form of Motorola’s Rokr. The product bummed and Jobs doesn’t look too impressed with the product while presenting it.

Introducing the iPhone
Taking the mobile industry by storm, the iPhone solidified Apple’s position as a leader in innovative technology. Mobile technology today would not be the same without the iPhone. The success of the first iPhone has turned the launch of every subsequent version of the device into one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the tech calendar.

Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010 Part 1
More game changing innovation from Jobs and the world of Apple. The iPad brought tablets into the mainstream, with competitors desperately scrambling to replicate its success. Only a year after the device’s introduction and only months after the launch of the iPad 2, rumours surrounding the launch of the iPad 3 — an even more sophisticated device, have already began circulating.


Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
Not one of his famous Apple keynotes but worth a mention. Jobs’ Stanford Commencement address where he urges students to “stay hungry” and “stay foolish”. It’s quite moving and helps the world understand the man behind the company.



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