How Toyota and the Aussie Open are keeping an eye on the social media ball

The old news: brands are realising the power and necessity of social media.

The new news: brands are starting to get creative with the social media space.

Some recent examples of brands getting inventive with social media include Toyota and the 2012 Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. Let’s explore these.

Toyota’s new campaign is completely social. It has teamed up with Gadget and Slick and, using Facebook as a driving platform (excuse the pun), it’s offering consumers the opportunity to create their own rap video using well known cartoon and Muppet characters, during a three day event on Facebook.

Consumers are asked “What has life thrown at you today?” on the Facebook fan page, or on Twitter using the #OutsmartLIVE hashtag. If your entry is picked, Toyota will produce your “shout out” video response during the live event. Quite nifty.

Another “brand” that seems to be soaring to new heights in terms of social media and user generated content is the 2012 Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, which has been dubbed the most digitally connected major sporting event of all time.

Integrating all social media platforms and creating one core hub of connectivity via its Fan Centre is a first for the sports world. This is a really innovative way for fans to interact and engage with each other, brand and sports stars all in one consolidated platform.

We can expect more sporting events and brands to follow suit throughout 2012.

A fan leader board ranking the top 10 male and female players at the tournament based on who receives the most social media mentions and thus gaining the most views, likes, tweets, pokes etc. will be regularly updated as well as a continuous flow of competitions and highlights.

A select team of “fan-bassadors” will prove themselves by being extremely active online and sharing their pearls of wisdom and extensive tennis knowledge.

With the 2012 Olympics taking place later this year, one can anticipate the event will explode over all social media platforms.

This adds a whole new spin to keeping your eye on the ball. In my opinion it’s a great way for fans to become actively involved in the sport and really feel like part of the action. Gone are the days of simply sitting on the couch watching a match. Now people can share their opinions, joys and heartaches in real time with fellow sports fans all around the world.

Now that’s some great marketing. Giving consumers a brand new real time experience and allowing them to play the game. Logically, this will increase the general interest and talkability around the sport or event. 1-love to social media!

And of course this begs the question, what will interactive TV and the evolution of tablets will offer in years to come?

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