How influential is your company on social? Brandometer thinks it knows

How do you know how well your brand’s doing on social media? Awards are one way, but they tend to be chosen by industry “experts”. They also tend to roll around on a fairly irregular basis, so you can’t be sure if your latest campaign has put you ahead of your competitors.

What you need is a way of benchmarking yourself across a variety of platforms, against your closest competitors and the best practitioners of social media.

A new tool called Brandometer claims to provide exactly that service. Powered by social media monitoring company Fuseware, Brandometer calls itself “an official benchmark to gauge the creme de la creme of South African brands on social media”.

At present the tool allows brands to benchmark themselves on MXit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Brandometer claims “you can use the data to help plan and coordinate media buy-ins” and that “By combining influence with market size and relevant content, one can correctly price sponsored content via the relevant influential channels”.

The tool uses “the industry standard” Klout score to gauge your Twitter influence. For Facebook, meanwhile, each page’s following and engagement is reportedly analysed to calculate an influence score.

The process of LinkedIn is similar, although connections and recommendations are also scanned and benchmarked to create an influence score.

For MXit, Fuseware reportedly works with the social chat giant to retrieve anonymous statistics and demographics. It claims that no user data is collected in the process.



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