15 of the coolest creative Facebook Timeline hacks

As the Facebook Timeline roll out continues, more and more users are being forced to decide which image is worthy of being set as their cover photo. While you may still be flicking through your albums to find a photo where you look as good as you do in your profile pic (even at a larger size), there are cool people out there who are using the space to make Facebook more awesome.

Dusty Buell

dusty buell facebook timeline hack

With some careful cropping and clever photo editing, Dusty Buell managed to become part of the game pictured in his cover image.

Mike Qsys

Mike Qsys facebook timeline hack

What do you get if you take a fishbowl, fishing line and a shark and mix it all together in Photoshop? An unconventional deep-sea diver who has caught the attention of a pretty large predator.

Matt Michaels

matt michaels facebook timeline hack

Similar to Mike’s cover image, this version by Matt Michaels demonstrates the problems you can encounter if you wave to the camera when you really should be watching your back.

Vandy Pesarillo

Vandy Pesarillo facebook timeline hack

Vandy Pesarillo is a graphic designer, so this Photoshop screen shot is especially relevant – you can even see the mouse pointer in the corner of his thumbnail, so it really does look like he’s just cut and dragged his face out of the image.

Nick Castillo

nick castillo facebook timeline hack

Facebook’s recent updates to the size of the profile image thumbnail haven’t worked out well for this image, but you can still see Nick as he prepares to launch an angry bird at some unfortunate piggies.

Mark Hopkins

mark hophins facebook timeline hack

Photographer Mark Hopkins transplanted his face onto the $100 bill and even went as far as to tweak some of the text to claim the note as his own.

Josh Burnett

Josh Burnett facebook timeline hack

Josh’s face becomes part of a game with his Where’s Wally-inspired design.

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

ekkapong techawongthaworn facebook timeline hack

Ekkapong has quite a few designs showcased on his Google+ page – this one illustrates how your cover image can be a simple but effective way to show off your style and interests.

Christopher James Clyde-Bernard

christopher james facebook timeline hack

Zap! Christopher is another Facebook user who has life-threatening scenes depicted in his cover image. Only this time, it’s the weather, not a shark.

Louise Lundberg

louise lundberg facebook timeline hack

Ever wished you could have more than one image as your cover photo? Louise shows how you can quickly and easily incorporate a few of your favourites.

Antonio Fadda

antonia fadda facebook timeline hack

Even though this cover also needs an update now that the profile picture thumbnails are a different size, Antonio’s passport image is still a clever use of the space.

Andrew Grojean

andrew grojean facebook timeline hack

Andrew hasn’t upgraded to Timeline yet… or has he? This is a nice option if you’re not too fond of Facebook’s constant upgrades and were actually quite happy with the previous layout, thank you very much.

Eyal Shahar

eyal shahar facebook timeline hack

Shahar’s design almost looks three-dimensional, but is just a careful and clever placement of images.

Richard Kårström

richard karstrom facebook timeline hack

Ah, my eyes! By overlapping progressively smaller images, Richard has created a faux-dimensional image that you may think you could walk through.

Tom Lambie

tom lambie facebook timeline hack

Of course, Tom is a developer, so it’s not surprising that he included a little bit of code in his picture to make HTML humorous.

Inspired to try to create some Facebook awesomeness but not a do-it-yourself Photoshop junkie? There are a lot of templates out there to help you on your way. If you’re stuck for an image or don’t have a copy of Adobe’s wonder program, sites like cover booth and online Photoshop lookalike Pixlr are around to solve all your problems.



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