Meet the Facebook, Google and Zynga overlords [Infographic]

We are all slaves to Mark Zuckerberg. Ok, this infographic is a bit dramatic, especially the whole ‘Internet slaves, meet your masters’ part and all the mobster-ish illustrations of major tech leaders, but it does have a point. As millions continue to sign up for Facebook or a Google account or play a game of Farmville, these companies are becoming more and more profitable and powerful.

You probably know all about Google’s privacy problems and that Safari tracking debacle, and maybe you’ve heard about how it allegedly solicited money fraudulently from the customers of Kenyan business listings company Mocality. Did you know that when Facebook appears on the stock exchange on 17 May, Zuckerberg’s shares will carry ten times the weight of public shares? Or that he thought his users were stupid for trusting him with their information? Ok, it was back in 2004 (and it was probably meant as a joke, which the infographic doesn’t mention) but it’s still not a nice thing to hear from the guy who is CEO of the company you feed all your information to.

Add this to the fact that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus admitted that he did “every horrible thing in the book” to get revenue and the opinion that the company is basically encouraging a user base of gambling addicts, and you’ve got a lot of nastiness in a nice blue and brown infographic.

Online Masters
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