The Xbox One buyer’s guide

Xbox one

Xbox one

We’ve said it countless times before, but 2013 is a big year for gamers and it doesn’t get much bigger than the launch of two major consoles. The more controversial of the two is Microsoft’s new baby, the Xbox One. Should you buy one? Well, let’s take go through this conundrum step-by-step and help you reach a decision.

Console design

I personally think the Xbox One is not beautifully designed. It looks like a big, black, shiny brick. It comes with a redesigned Kinect 2.0, which is also bigger, but does at least look better than its predecessor. I think Sony has always had the edge when it comes to design here, and honestly the Xbox One is no exception. Microsoft have made an attempt to make it look sleek and stylish, but really it doesn’t achieve this at all. It looks like a VCR, a machine from the heyday of the eighties. At least the Xbox 360 had style, with that whole concave look. It has been designed to fit in with the rest of our black, boring gadgets under the TV, but where’s its personality? The PS4 has that cute little slant to it, the Xbox One is just a block of gaming.

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