5 ways Seinfeld has squeezed its way back into our lives

Seinfeld DVD

Hands up anyone doesn’t love Jerry Seinfeld? Yup, we all love Seinfeld. We watch him and his band of misfits on reruns and laugh to our hearts content. Truth be told the show is kinda dated and we have new comedians trying to make us laugh on a daily basis. Yet, Seinfeld seems to be squeezing past the noise to grab our attention.

Seinfeld is popping up everywhere, on social media and in our news streams; it’s all over the place, it needs unity. So here goes.

So here are some of the ways Seinfeld has used the web and social media to squeeze his way back into our lives.

Seinfeld Today

This Twitter account takes on a mordenised Jerry. What if Jerry and friends were hanging out in 2014, with all their problems and their antics, what would their conversations sound like. What would Jerry’s jokes be like if he had social media to draw from? Well, Seinfeld Today has all that and more — a look at modern Jerry and his friends through his point of view.

Jerry’s riding in the car with comedians

If you haven’t seen this web series then you’re missing out, seriously. It’s basically Jerry and his comedian friends driving around in one of Jerry’s fancy cars talking about everything and anything and pancakes while getting coffee. It’s wickedly clever and hilariously fun. Think of it as comedians uncut.

Seinfeld memes

There is an entire Facebook page dedicated to Seinfeld catch phrases from the show an great shots of the cast. After all, what better way to immortalize the words of Kramer than in memes and crazy pictures that make us laugh? The Facebook page is interesting and fun but a quick search on Memecenter will give some of the funniest collection of Seinfeld fun.

meme Seinfeld

Seinfeld Tumblr

There’s no such thing as an internet takeover without a Tumblr site. Fu*uk Yeah Seinfeld is the hub for all things Seinfeld, with images and quirky one-liners from the show. According to the site, it is where you will find the best of Seinfeld and more.

Staying on Tumblr we thought we collate all the tags dedicated to quotes from the show. All them witty zingers living in one small corner of the internet. Oh the temptation to get lost in it.

Seinfeld Humor & Laughs

Who said Pinterest is just for planning weddings and dreaming up the best decor known to man? No, it is another place the Seinfeld fandom has found its way to dominate. Check it, this Pinterest page is all about the laughs and the good times from the folks of Seinfeld. All happiness lives here.

Long live Seinfeld.

Photo Credit: Martijn van Exel



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