YouTube finally introduces its ad-free subscription service for music

YouTube Music Key

Used by over a billion people each month, YouTube has finally introduced Music Key — an ad-free music subscription service for your computer, tablet or smartphone. While the Google-owned service will only be available to the US, Britain and a selected few European countries, it’s something worth looking forward to.

Similar to what similar services like Spotify offer, by paying the promotional price of US$8 per month (discounted from US$10), you can jam YouTube songs in the background while you’re busy with other apps and tasks as well as when you’re offline.

You’ll also get a subscription to Google Play Music, which boasts over 30 million songs.

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The service is currently in beta and will be available to a select number of YouTube users in the US, Britain and six European countries.

In the meanwhile, while we wait for the service to roll out globally, you can get a taste of what the music service has to offer as YouTube recently added a Music tab to iOS, Android and its site. With each song riddled with ads, the section introduces trending music mixes, top music videos by genre as well as curated playlists such as Hitting the Gym Mixes and Code Your Face Off.

YouTube is the go-to place for many music lovers. Whether that be for Taylor Swift, Gangnam Style or Die Antwoord, the media platform is seen as the front page of the web’s viral sensations.

Are you swayed enough to pay US$10 each month and give up Spotify?

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