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Magnetic Contentl

Magnetic Contentl

Every day you will find more businesses starting to promote their brand, products, and services by following what is trending at the moment. Content marketing is one of these trends, but it’s more than just a trend. It’s been given the spotlight over the last few months, but in fact, it’s always been one of the most valuable strategies you can implement with your digital marketing campaign. This doesn’t mean just any type of content, but content that your audience will find interesting, valuable and that has the ability to be shared. This is called “magnetic content”.

With magnetic content marketing you can improve your conversion rates and lead generation campaign. It can also help you build relationships online with selected demographics. Using magnetic content in your digital marketing campaign not only makes your target audience think, but it can touch them emotionally as well.

Have you ever felt like telling the writer or sharing the piece of content with your own network when you have read something interesting that touches you emotionally? I have! Writing magnetic content that touches people personally this way may eventually lead to much more. So when you are busy with your marketing campaign, never forget that you can use magnetic content to build relationships online. At the end of the day, people like to do business with people that they know and that they trust.

How are you going to start building relationships with your magnetic content?

Blog comments
Posting comments on other relevant blogs in your industry is a great way to get people to start communicating. In the past, many digital marketers used blog commenting to build backlinks back to their websites and even though this can still be relevant, it’s better used for building a relationship with the blog author and their readers by providing them with insights.

The easiest way to start with this is by monitoring related blogs, forums, and message boards related to your niche. What are people currently talking about? How can you join the conversation and contribute. Always add value to the conversation.

Social media
On the social web, everyone is seen as a citizen journalist. With social media you can make connections on a more personal level that can help build up trust and relationships. With this, it doesn’t mean you will get instant results by publishing a blog post and feeding it through Facebook and Twitter. It is important that you encourage others to engage with your content. Once again you can do some monitoring/listening and see where the conversation is happening and what is currently trending. You can then create magnetic content based on your research.

If you keep on creating magnetic content that pulls your audience in it will definitely pay off with powerful relationships. Using magnetic content with your social media campaign is a great method to start building your community.

Guest posting
If you want to position yourself, brand or business in front of larger audiences, why not give guest blogging a go for added exposure. If you write magnetic content on established blogs in your niche, you will create opportunities to build relationships with the readers of that blog. This doesn’t mean you should post your content and be done with it, answer comments you receive and see how you can add value to start building a conversation with those readers.

Using magnetic content in your digital marketing strategy is an excellent way to start building relationships with your target audience.

Anton Koekemoer


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