WhatsApp rolls out document sharing on Android, iOS devices

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Soon you’ll be able to send and receive more than just images, voicenotes and snarky remarks on WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging service is rolling out updates to iOS and Android that will let users transfer documents.

Earlier this month, the now totally free service announced that it tipped the one billion user mark, which many use for more than just social interaction. The move also comes a few days after it announced that it will be culling support for legacy operating systems, from the 2015-era BlackBerry OS 10 down to 2009’s Android 2.2.

The new documents transfer feature will allow users, and members within enterprise WhatsApp groups, to access files on cloud storage, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud. The app only allows transfers of PDF documents at the moment though, according to TechCrunch. Additionally, cloud access is currently only available on iOS, while Android users have to settle for files stored locally on the device.

The new feature is said to be available for some running WhatsApp version 2.12.453 on Android, and 2.12.14 on iOS. And if you really can’t wait to send your bestie that long-term cat collage project PDF, there’s a beta stream of WhatsApp on Android that should boast the most current and budding features.

No official announcement has been made just yet, so we’re not too sure if the feature will make it to other OSes.

Feature image: Jan Persiel via Flickr

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