Adele’s new music video is seriously trippy, but no less mesmerising


Calling British songstress Adele a superstar isn’t exactly a bold claim. After selling over 87-million records worldwide, she has probably earned that label. But while her tracks are catchy, she’s also slowly building a reputation for interesting music videos. Her latest is perhaps the strangest of them all.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) was released earlier this year, but the video debuted at the recent Billboard Music Awards this past weekend, and well, it’s pretty trippy.

Dancing in front of a black background, a number of Adeles are layered one over the other, creating a ghost-like vision. It’s a simple idea, but creates a rather complicated, absorbing effect.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, mastermind behind the video Patrick Daughters said that it took just 12 takes to stitch it all together, but required Adele to remember what she did in the previous takes and adjust her motions in each accordingly.

The video debuted on YouTube on 22 May, and has at the time of writing racked up over 5.5-million views, with just under 300 000 likes and around 6000 dislikes.

Have a look at the video below.

Andy Walker, former editor


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