Dropbox’s new productivity tools foster simplicity, collaboration and data safety


Dropbox has introduced a number of new productivity tools which include simplifying workflows, creating unified workspaces and improving data security.

According to the company, the new productivity tools are a response to its 500-million users’ requests for better collaboration tools within teams.

With its simplifying workflows, Dropbox wants to bring a lot of features which include scanning documents, creating Microsoft office documents on mobile devices and managing photos from desktop computers.

To manage the photos from a desktop computer, Dropbox Basic users need to connect a computer to their Dropbox account, allowing for easier access, organising and removing the photos. On iOS, users can tap on a plus button in the app and create and save office documents on the go.

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Collaboration is a big part of Dropbox, and in this update the company emphasizes this. The unified workspace allows users to collaborate on ideas, share files and folders on desktop computer and add comments to a specific part of a file in which users can highlight a piece of text or an image anywhere within a file preview.

Often in collaborating with big teams, there is a lot files that one can get lost in and not know which file is the latest one or how to go back to an older version of the file.

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“Teams of all sizes need to keep files—and the ideas inside them—safe. They want to focus on making progress, instead of worrying about accidental edits or unwanted collaborators. These updates give them that peace of mind,” the company said.

As part of keeping users’ data safe, the company is introducing the ability to preview earlier versions of saved files. To foster the ability to collaborate, users can now, in a big team, share a single file with specific individuals. Users can also set a view-only access for shared folders.



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