South Africa, you can now Shazam this fragrance using Bluetooth technology


You can Shazam a song, sure, but what about a fragrance? The music recognition service has now partnered with fragrance brand Azzaro to let users do just that — let fragrance-shoppers Shazam a scent.

From tomorrow, South Africans will be able to use the service to detect Azzaro Wanted‘s scent using Bluetooth beacon technology.

The press release claims that spraying the fragrance, and tapping the Shazam button will allow “their phone will automatically identity[sic] the fragrance and offer them a unique page of Azzaro ‘Wanted’ content”.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t detect the fragrance itself, but rather the Bluetooth beacon. Nevertheless, the spritz of fragrance does add to the drama and marketing appeal.

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“Wanting to Shazam something other than music, for instance a taste or a smell, is something that most people around the world have thought at some time or another, but obviously that technology hasn’t been developed yet – although this campaign gives us a glimpse,” said SA’s representative for Shazam, Hannes Prinsloo.

Azzaro will let Johannesburg shoppers ‘Shazam’ its latest fragrance tomorrow

“I’m looking forward to the expressions on shoppers’ faces when they see the Shazam application doing its thing in an entirely new and exciting context,” Prinsloo continued.

Both companies have expressed their enthusiasm toward the collaboration with Prinsloo noting that there aren’t many opportunities for SA companies to innovate especially in a consumer technology or marketing space.

This technology and marketing collaboration will be available to experience at Sandton City and the Mall of Africa’s Edgars stores.

Users nowhere near either mall can use the app the traditional way, by Shazaming the upcoming Azzaro television advertisement.



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