College dropout Mark Zuckerberg is finally getting that Harvard degree

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The relatively-famous Mark Zuckerberg is finally getting his Harvard degree nearly 12 years after he dropped out to create that small global experience we know today as Facebook.

Zuckerberg left the institution in 2005 to set up the social network’s current home in Palo Alto. Back then, Facebook was but a fleck on the surface of the internet. Now, the social network commands monthly user numbers in excess of 1.8-billion.

“Zuckerberg originally intended to return to Harvard, but the immediate success of the enterprise led him to devote his full energy to the company,” Harvard writes on its website.

Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in 2005 to drive development of a fledgeling Facebook

Zuck has been invited to address university alumni at Harvard’s 336th edition of the Afternoon Exercises — an annual meeting of the university’s former attendees. To celebrate, and ask for advice we suppose, Zuckerberg posted the below clip to Facebook, featuring another relatively-unknown person…

The congratulations pour in

Harvard’s president Drew Faust praised Zuckerberg’s involvement in changing “the nature of social engagement in modern times”.

“And few individuals can rival Mark Zuckerberg in his drive to change our world through the innovative use of technology, as well as his commitment to advance science, enhance education, and expand opportunity through the pursuit of philanthropy,” he adds.

Commenting on the above video, Facebook’s VP of platform and marketplace Deborah Liu praised both Zuck and Bill Gates:

Two ways to get a Harvard degree – go to class or build a company that changes the world.

I think both of you took the hard way. And we thank you for it!

Not to be outdone, Microsoft founder Gates also left this snarky line below the clip.

Always happy to help, Mark. Good luck on your speech. Hope the honorary degree helps you land your dream job…

Andy Walker, former editor


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