Wondering where winter is, Cape Town? Ask this city in Poland

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For those who are sick of summer in Cape Town, this week won’t bring much comfort.

Temperatures peaking in the upper thirties are forecast for the remainder of the week, as the city desperately scrambles to save water and keep its cool.

But it really shouldn’t be this hot, at least traditionally. It’s April, and that largely signals the onset of autumn, and more comfortable weather for humans who appreciate a good evening coat.

But nope.

If you’re wanting to flaunt your winter wares, Poland is probably your best bet right now.

The southern city of Częstochowa looks like the latest Frozen attraction at a Disney theme park, or a scene about five hours into The Day After Tomorrow.

A series of snowstorms have laced the area in the past few days, leaving behind a thick but fluffy blanket of snow deep enough to swallow your thighs.

“Broken trees, broken power lines and fatal road conditions are the result of snowstorms that have been going on uninterrupted since yesterday and will continue until the end of the day,” reads a local publication.

Unfortunately, there have been fatalities on the roads too.

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“Trees did not withstand heavy heavy snow. No wonder, because the snowdrifts are more than half a metre high,” it adds.

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Emergency services are on high alert as around 90 000 homes were left without power in the region following the storms.

So if you’re in Cape Town today, and like me, are complaining about the heat, remember that it could be a whole lot worse.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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