Huawei, Apple both launch on May 7, who’s better equipped?

Who will have a better arsenal of devices for release, that is the question most tech enthusiasts will have come May 8 as both Huawei and Apple are set to introduce a new line of consumer devices with some added software and design upgrades.

Who will bring better to the market?

Apple began sending out invites for a May 7 launch at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3 pm BST / May 8 12am AEST.

If you pay close attention to Tim Cook’s tweet, you are probably going to note the lines sketched with an array of colour pallets complementing the lines.

This makes a rumor about the iPad and Apple pencil an almost reality. These may not be mentioned by name but the paint illustration on Cooks’ tweet suggests more fun with an alleged pencil and iPad.

“Pencil us in,” usually means diarise the date which may change at a later stage, but a date set for a product launch means the words were more deliberate than an accident. They also mean a pencil is in the recipe on May 7 for Apple.

Let’s play this is what Apple could bring and set a course of variables in the form of expected announcements from Apple.  Come May 8, we all will likely know what’s new and what was only hot air made to create hype in techville.

We expect reveals in the form of an iPad Pro coupled with the series. We expect an updated M3 chipset, a new pencil, and possibly a magic keyboard.

Some improved OLED displays are the usual stable from the Apple camp alongside some tablet upgrades.

We also expect some innovative new ways to save the planet. This could come in the form of changed infrastructure. The game is on May 7 and we can’t wait to see if Huawei will leave Apple feeling like a bitten Apple or if Apple will solidify its position as the coolest kid on the playground this year.

Huawei will be introducing a list of innovative products in the form of wearables if we deduce our information from their invite for May 7. Their social media page shows something that looks like a differently shaped watch, with a tasteful red colour pallet.

While we still don’t have confirmation of the device or devices being unboxed by Huawei on May 7 we do look forward to some compelling design tweaks and some interesting health-tracking features.

We do expect an improved series of smartwatches and a decent addition of buds from Huawei.  This, of course, is speculation but rumor has it that something from space is in the works.  Our rumor is backed by Huawei’s invite for the May 7 innovative product launch.

Either way, we can’t wait to see what both Apple and Huawei bring to the table.  Let the battle begin and may the better prepared brand win.

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