WATCH: Apple’s launch for the iPad Pro vs Huawei’s Matepad 11.5S

It’s no secret that May 7 was an important date for both Apple and Huawei as they both had devices to show off in an attempt to increase market share.

The two tech giants brought their A-game when it comes to devices that fit perfectly into their ecosystem.

The tablets.

Tablets appear to be improving and both Huawei and Apple introduced some compelling travel-savvy tablets in the form of the iPad Pro from Apple and the Huawei MatePad 11.5s from Huawei.

Apple introduced an attractive iPad Pro which came thin and light alongside a magic keyboard in an aluminum surface.

The thirteen and 11-inch models of the iPad Pro come with tandem OLED display which brings in darker blacks and more vivid colours.

We spotted an Apple pencil as well. There are two options, the 11-inch iPad is 5.3mm thin with the 13-inch coming in at just 5.1 mm thin which is slightly thicker than a USB C port.

An iPad Pro is like the iPad Apple has wished for as we spot the M4 power addition in performance.

It’s a leap in CPU performance but we think the jump may just pay off.

Thinner may come with it’s cons. The gimmick for thiner does at times prove to be a gimmick rather than an advancement.  Battery life sometimes comes as the sacrifice but we hope to get our hands on a device to not only test the durability and functionality that comes with Apples move to shave off millimeters.

Huawei MatePad 11.5 inch.

We introduced Huawei’s MatePad 11.5s tablet earlier today and we appreciated the matt finish.

Here is what some early reviewers thought of the MatePad 11.5s.  This will be followed by our review soon.

Some quick likes.  It’s a decent option for the Android market and allows seamless connectivity between devices if you have Huawei devices or alternatives.

  • It’s competitively priced.
  • The tablet comes with an M-Pencil and Keyboard.

GoPaint software allows creativity to be expressed and we appreciated the reintroduction of the software as it allows for a new era in creative expression on a tablet.

Some early cons include a dull-looking display when compared to other tablets. This is due to an antiglare finish that Huawei has factored in which allows the MatePad 11.5 to be a healthier option on the eyes.

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