Weekly Round Up Podcast #106: Google I/O & WannaCry ransomware

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This week, the trusty Hadlee Simons hosts Andy Walker and Stephen Timm.

To start us off, Andy talks about WannaCry, the worldwide attack involving ransomware that targeted over 230 000 computers. The Windows attack even managed to hit the UK’s National Health Service.

The team then discuss General Motors pulling out of South Africa, and other international locations. Isuzu will be taking over GM’s light commercial vehicle manufacturing facilities in Port Elizabeth.

Over on Ventureburn, Stephen talks about the GEM report that significantly fewer South Africans believe they have either the opportunity or the capability to start their own business.

The report also details how the high cost of doing business in Nigeria is slowing down start-up acquisitions.

Finally, Hadlee closes by giving us a breakdown of what he learned from the Google I/O, from Smart Reply to Google Lens to even more Google Assistant.

What are we watching, reading, playing: Andy is playing the beta version of Gran Turismo Sport and loving it, deeming it a game all racing fans will love. He’s still listening to Cracked podcasts about millennials and avocado toast.

Stephen is still reading Brazillionaires by Alex Cuadros which documents the rise and fall of Brazillian mogul, Eika Batista.

Lastly, Hadlee has been reading The Red Knight of Germany by Floyd Gibbons, adding to his consumption of war plane media. He’s playing Prey, which reminds him of the first Bioshock game. He’s also still playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch, which he’s enjoying but is eagerly awaiting testing multiplayer.

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