Shiba Inus borking at fidget spinners is YouTube’s next viral craze

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Although we’ve seen some pretty incredible things done with fidget spinners, some people still believe they’re a waste of time, and potentially deadly.

It seems that Banana, a lovable but derpy Shiba Inu has just joined the latter camp.

A clip of the fluff ball and his human went viral this week after YouTube channel ShibeNation republished it. That version of the clip has over 730 000 views, and 21 000 likes. And it’s easy to see why.

Not sure whether to bork at it loudly or destroy it with his bare teeth, Banana has a mild internal conflict between his natural attacking instinct and cautious nature. All in all, its a recipe for a viral video.

But Banana isn’t the only Shiba Inu online that seemingly hates these divisive toys.

Torakichi Channel published a video earlier this week of a Shiba named Tora also in mid-crisis. Tora gives munching on the toy a higher priority, but overall, the rotating device wins the battle.

Another clip featuring a pupper called Haru also surfaced last week, racking up around 27 000 views in the process. She also appeared on 9GAG, earning an additional 18 000 points.

In this case, Haru is genuinely afraid of the device at the end of the clip.

“Who knew she’d be so scared of these! dont [sic] worry we stopped doing that to her,” writes the channel’s owner.

While Shiba Inus have been a mainstay on internet culture’s zeitgeist for as long as we can remember, pitting them alongside the 2017 craze of the fidget spinner seems like an instant viral video formula. Like adding mayonnaise to your chocolate cake mix.

The toys currently occupy Amazon’s top selling toys lists alongside fidget cubes and Cards Against Humanity. As for Shiba Inus? Well, they possess their own memes, their own language and even their own cryptocurrencies.

Be prepared to see even more videos of fidget spinners and Shiba Inus in the coming weeks.

Feature image: Yuya Tamal via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

Andy Walker, former editor


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