Twitter is extra chill tonight as cold front freezes South Africa

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It’s not every day that actual weather jargon trends on South Africa’s social media networks, but this is seemingly no ordinary week. Talk of a “cold front” is currently (and ironically) hot on tonight’s Twitter agenda, thanks to winter’s rather late but forceful appearance.

With the South African Weather Service and the nation’s meteorologists issuing alerts that include bitterly cold temperatures, snow in places and driving rain in others, some took to the internet to find solace and warmth laughing at others’ snark and reactions.

The hashtag #coldfront, although used across the country for much of the day, began trending around 8pm Wednesday, as temperatures in the provinces began to plummet.

A cold front sweeping across South Africa this week is set to bring icy temperatures, snow and rain to the country

While Cape Town remains fairly balmy at the time of writing, the same can’t be said for Gauteng.

Many in the province and surrounds posted their thoughts about their weather experience, and used reaction images as a coping mechanism.

Some just couldn’t believe that winter was returning.

But a cold front of reality set in for many more…

A select bunch pondered what they’d wear for the next few days.

And because social media is home to a plethora of personalities, some welcomed the frosty air.

South African President Jacob Zuma received a mention.

And of course, Ned “Winter is Coming” Stark made an obligatory appearance too.

The hashtag continues to feature on timelines across the country, as temperatures across South Africa are set to drop tonight.

The interior of the country is set to experience single digits on both sides of the 0°C mark.

Andy Walker, former editor


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