Cape Town, here’s what Level 5 water restrictions means for you

cape town level 5 water restrictions

“Level 5” water restrictions are now officially in effect, the City of Cape Town confirmed Sunday.

The latest measure is in a bid to reduce city-wide water consumption to below 500-million litres per day, or 100-million litres less than the current usage.

Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille in a statement also concluded that winter rainfall is likely set to “end in the next three to four weeks” heralding the beginning of the city’s dry season.

Measures to drive down consumption to 500-million litres of water per day are supplemented by other measures to augment the supply of water from non-surface water options by up to 500-million litres of water per day, which are currently under way,” De Lille adds.

Together these actions form part of the approach to building water resilience over the short- to medium-term.”

Level 5 water restrictions targets commercial and personal properties, as the City of Cape Town further reduces supply pressure

Overall, individuals will not be further pinched in terms of water consumption limits per day, which remains at 87-litres per person.

What does change however is commercial and personal property usage.

The managers of commercial properties must with immediate effect ensure that their monthly consumption of the municipal supply of water is reduced by 20% compared with a year ago,” De Lille explains.

Personal property limits are now set at 20 000 litres per month — or around 666-litres per day. If exceeded, a fine “expected to be in the region of R5 000 to R10 000″ will be given.

The City of Cape Town will also conduct further pressure reduction measures following the upgraded water restrictions.

Residents are advised to keep an emergency store of between 2 – 5 litres of water for drinking and basic hygiene at all times,” De Lille concludes.

Andy Walker, former editor


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