Indulge in 5 of the best SONA 2018 memes

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This past Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa demonstrated that the State of the Nation Address (SONA) can go on without Jacob Zuma. And South Africa’s meme game (like its currency) was stronger than ever.

So what were some of the gems that were inspired by this year’s address? Sit back and enjoy the five best memes from this year’s SONA.

SONA 2018 meme #5: Ministers of Unemployment

Widely believed to be replaced as the Minister of Twitter Minister of Police in the coming days, Fikile Mbalula took to Twitter Friday to rubbish claims he was afraid of Ramaphosa’s potential plans.

But instead of opposing jokes of his possible unemployment, he welcomed them.

“Satafrika my beloved country,” he tweeted on SONA day, attaching this gem.

Mbalula wasn’t the only one browsing jobs forums this weekend…

SONA 2018 meme #4: Cyril Ramaphosa’s mixtape

Really South Africa?

Okay, we’ll allow it.

After taking a leisurely jog on Cape Town’s Sea Point promenade this past week, President Ramaphosa not only lit up Instagram, but the hearts of South Africans too.

We — like many other South Africans — were disappointed when Cyril Ramaphosa did not reveal a forthcoming mixtape at SONA 2018.

SONA 2018 meme #3: “Squirrel Ramaphosa”

Woah. Please. We’re only just getting used to our new president, and now this squirrel thinks it can just take it all away? Okay, it is cute, but Squirrel Ramaphosa was about as cunning a rodent as you’ll find in the Company’s Gardens.

Well known for stealing nuts from tourists’ hands, this particular specimen also wanted in on the presidency (or the Minister of Police job perhaps).

The below was a group effort, with EWN photojournalist Aletta Harrison behind the camera and a yet-to-be-celebrated Twitter user behind the caption.

SONA 2018 meme #2: #ANCBae

Last year we had #ThePeoplesBae, but South Africa is a thirsty nation. The country wanted a new top political model to go with its new president and ANC member Dominic Khumalo was this year’s eligible candidate.

Say hello to #ANCBae.

Comrades, please line up in an orderly fashion.

SONA 2018 meme #1: #SendMe

Thanks to Ramaphosa quoting lyrics from the late Hugh Masekela’s “Thuma Mina”, #SendMe began trending across Twitter after SONA ended.

And South Africans, for once, felt hopeful again.

Have me missed anything? Please feel free to send us all your favourite SONA 2018 memes on Facebook, Twitter or drop them in the comments section below.

Feature image: Min of Police: Mr Fearfokkol (@MbalulaFikile) via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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